A/Prof Tay Sook Muay


Singapore Society of Anaesthesiologists

As the current President of the Singapore Society of Anaesthesiologists (SSA), it is my privilege to write a few lines on the activities of the Society. Before I talk about my goals and plans for the coming two year, I want to thank AP Kwek Tong Kiat  for his superb stewardship over the past term.

I am supported by an able team in the EXCO made up of the following members:

  • Honorary Secretary Dr Daniel Lee Kwang Ti (TTSH)
  • Assistant Honorary Secretary Dr Choo Wee Sen (NTFGH)
  • Honorary Treasurer Dr Chen Xin Ying (KTPH)
  • Assistant Honorary Treasurer Dr Zheng Zhong Xi (CGH)
  • Committee Members Dr Mavis Teo (SGH), Dr Timothy Lam (NUH)
  • Internal Auditors Dr Nelson Chua, Dr Agnes Ng (KKWCH)

Allow me to outline the key activities in the SSA calendar in the coming two years. We can look forward to the SARC- Obstetrics Anaesthesia Symposium in Aug 2018; and the SSA Conference in 2019. There shall also be the Anaesthesia Connect& Fraternity Day in Dec 2017; details of which shall be announced closer to date and when the organisers are able to firm up the details. We shall also continue to keep members updated on the many other ongoing CME program and activities.

I am very excited to announce that work is underway to set up our SSA website. This website is quite informative and helpful, and I hope our members, especially our younger colleagues take time to check it out and engage in this platform. A legal cell may also be included for help on medico-legal issues.

SSA is a professional organization set up to promote the art and science of Anaesthesiology. As a national representative body for anaesthesiologists, we aim to promote professionalism, collegiality, fellowship, cooperation and friendship amongst anaesthesiologists. Increasingly, we as Anaesthesiologists have been thrust into and thrive, in various medical and healthcare leadership roles. This phenomena attest to the many and varied talents that we have amongst us and our capabilities to rise to clarion calls and needs. We are also well placed to lead and initiate inter-professional collaboration; which underpins effective healthcare practices and contribute towards optimal patient care and outcome.

Let me end with the following two quotes; and I thank you for your partnership and our shared journey together.

“ Science means constantly walking a tightrope between blind faith and curiosity; between expertise and creativity; between bias and openness; between experience and epiphany; between ambition and passion; and between arrogance and conviction - in short, between an old today and a new tomorrow.”

- Heinrich Rohrer

“Let our voices be heard. I hope they will not be shrill voices, but, I hope we shall speak with such conviction that those to whom we speak shall know of the strength of our feeling and the sincerity of our efforts. ”

- Gordon B. Hinckley 

Yours sincerely

Tay Sook Muay
Senior Consultant
Department of Anaesthesiology
Singapore General Hospital

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